Recommended Feed Power for Certain Rarities

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Recommended Feed Power for Certain Rarities

Post by W4RL0CK on Tue Mar 03, 2015 5:11 pm

As a rule for efficiently leveling pets, I only feed items with a certain feed power to my pets, here's what I recommend.
Common-150 and above
Uncommon-250 and above (You can easily farm Forbidden Jungles for the UT's that Mixcoatl drops)
Rare-400 and above (These are also easily farmed through the Manor of Immortals, in which you can get the Holy Priest set, which has very nice FP)
Divine-600 and above (Really, the only items with this FP is pet food, which you must buy with gold, and rare UT's you may want to keep. Divine is very hard to max)
Hope I helped!


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