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NOTE: Constructive Criticism is not hating, calling someone stupid, calling someones idea stupid, degrading someone, making fun of, etc. Use common sense, be polite.
So you have an idea, and you want to share your awesome idea with the rest of the community. That’s fantastic! Before you post, however, please read the rules and information below. This will help to ensure that your idea is effectively communicated so that everyone understands what you’re trying to get across.

Rule #1 Ideas must be complete and must be informational

No one is going to want to read an essay. Add pictures and more! If you are adding
new sprites and such you can use the tool built into realm itself
Make Sprites Here >>

Rule #2 Try not to duplicate ideas

It is obnoxious to beat a dead horse. So if you see someone with an idea
Don't steal it or copy it, make your own!

Rule #3 Remember rule #1

We already have over a dozen basic weapons of each type, and there’s no need for just another damage tier. We love to discuss unique items and play styles! Take a look at the current UT items…notice anything? Each UT item fills a niche or allows a class to try a different style of play. They’re incredibly useful without being overpowered. When posting an idea for an item be sure to refer to rule #1 and make your idea as complete as possible, states, sprites, background and lore will really make your idea HOT.

Follow realms foundations

Hey Everyone,
When we started Wild Shadow, one of the goals was to challenge old assumptions about how games “should” work. We are explicitly trying to break the rules of games, and MMOs in particular. Has there ever been a more copycat genre than MMOs?

Realm of the Mad God has a few design principles at its core. We decided on these before we wrote the first line of code, and the rest of Realm has been built on its foundation. Things that don’t work with the foundation, even well-established MMO conventions, won’t make it into Realm.

Here are the foundations of Realm’s design:
Permadeath: Thus the low level cap and the ease of zipping to max level if you are a veteran and know how to do it; in general it’s not too hard to mostly recover from a death
Simplicty: Thus the limits: 4 equipment slots, only one special ability per class, only one damage type (no fire, ice, necrotic, etc), simple equipment ladder, no rep system, no quest hubs, no auction house, no merchants, no crafting
Co-op Play, or “the more the merrier”, or “playing with others should always be more fun & rewarding than soloing”: Thus we have XP sharing, no explicit “grouping” concept, teleport, no mob difficulty scaling, group buffs & heals
Don’t separate people from their friends: Thus we have a quick path to 20, easy teleporting, power-leveling, no XP penalties for big level differences, no item level requirements
Jump right in and play: No need to download or install anything; no need to log in or give an email; just jump in, teleport to the action and start having fun, and then just close the tab when you are done (or about to die!)

We really appreciate all of the ideas and debate about the game. All the discussion really helps to focus our thoughts on how to make the game better. Just realize that there are certain fundamental things about the game that we are planning to hold on to. The best design suggestions are those that solve a problem while respecting our design foundations. Bonus points for totally going against MMO convention!

~ Rob

Happy posting!

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